Cartagena the Queen of all

Walking around Cartagena makes me feel beautiful most of the time.

My colourful summer dresses often match the colourful houses and it’s been a non stop paparazzi business since the first minute I’ve set foot outside. Paparazzi of Cartagena and for Cartagena: the colonial buildings, the buganville, the vendors in the street, the squares, the balconies, the doors, the knobs on the door (yes, iguanas, fishes, frogs…), the churches…

I’ve wandered the streets of both Getsemani and the center hundreds of times and always found something I had not noticed earlier. I have also taken the time to sit on the Churches’ steps to read my book and just ‘being in Cartagena’.

As if being this pretty wasn’t enough, Cartagena is also a foodie destination.

I’ve been to La Cevicheria twice (Anthony Bourdain was there too, a few years ago) and feasted on fish, had wonderful fruit popsicles at La Paletteria, took a picture with the bust of Gabo at el Claustro de la Merced and had a beautiful date night at the best restaurant in town: Carmen.

Cartagena, I ll be back.


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