Minca, up in the mountains of Sierra Nevada

Minca is adorable, not far from the coast and other interesting places that everyone would want to visit (Santa Marta, Tayrona etc) but hidden enough into the deep vegetation to make you feel lost in the mountains in an adventure that starts with hiking trails and ends with swims in rivers and by waterfalls.

Minca is a very cute backpack town that is a lot nicer than Salento and offers lots of relaxing activities: sitting at cafes, sitting at cafes, sitting at cafes…! Well, also soaking in the river with the local kids!

The hike to the waterfalls Cascadas Marinka had fully covered by legs in mosquito bites but was beautiful and peaceful.

Don’t forget to stock up on good coffee grains while in Minca and to check out the bakery La Miga, the handcrafts shops for the souvenirs and the Lazy Cat for some delicious vegeterian meals.




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