Iran, day two

We met Lorella, last night, a teacher and couchsurfer from Padova who’s is traveling by herself and we kept each other company though the different meals of the last 24 hours. She said she had visited 60 countries already, we will catch up with her soon, I hope! (I am currently at 44).

Day 2 is the day of Persepolis as we jump in a 12 seats bus shared with a small delegation of the European countries and a couple of Iranians too. The sky is especially beautiful, so blue and tall as to make the ruins stand up full of pride, for having survived the last 2500 years of tall skies and clouds alike. The plain is smaller than expected and to someone who was born a 30 minutes drive from Pompeii, well it looked…smaller.

Though i have never been a fan of ruins, the Necropoli in Naqsh e Rostam was my wow moment of the day. It is four rock tombs spread over a gigantic stone hill. The hole into the tomb, well high above the ground, resembled the entrance to a pyramid. For sure whoever was buried there needed to be treated as a pharaoh, a Darius II or Darius III…

We have been back to the bakery to stock up on the cookies with the new jam and the walnuts. I took a photo of the storefront, I cannot read the sign but I want to remember the place, and the tastes too.
At dinner I tried saffron tea, it was good! I also bought myself a warm hat for as little as 6000 Rials – it holds the headscarf better than I thought, but I only need to wear it at night when it’s freezing cold.


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