Iran, day four

Today we took another taxi back to Yadz but this time we didn’t think about kidnapping or nasty things.

We walked straight into the Oriental Hotel and found it so charming! It is what they call a traditional hotel, you enter a yard adorned with beautiful plants and cushions and carpets everywhere, and in this yard it’s where most of the rooms are located.

You would think that it gets so crowded because it’s a beautiful place for making new friends and enjoy a chai, but there is also the question that the wifi signal is stronger than in the rooms – true story.

Yazd is my most favorite place until now for a number of reasons: the Masjed e-Jameh mosque with its two blue tall minarets and wonderful tiles, the view on the city rooftops from the Oriental terrace restaurant (also my wow moment of the day), the store where we bought a kilo of dried apricots for around 1euro, the banana and dates milk shake with nuts on top at the Oriental terrace, the peace of the city and the smiles of the people passing by.

Not everything we see is beautiful, not at all. Most of the places look poorer to our western eyes or look similar to the southern Italian villages, to my southern Italian eyes. But how great it is every time to be taken by surprise when a beautiful place opens to you! Like the pattern on the mosque tiles, the one you can’t recognize until you get very close to it!

Side note: I got a bad cold and my face is so red now that I dont need blush anymore.


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