Iran, day eight

Today we went to the bath house which was also my wow moment of the day.

It is not in use anymore but has stunning stucco and beautiful colors like a Portuguese festival of azulejos.

In Kashan there are also many well preserved traditional houses that once belonged to wealthy families and we went to visit one. Very special indeed! The courtyards, the summer rooms and the winter rooms, lots of different glasses with lots of of colors all of them reflecting the sun rays on the floor pavement like a disco ball…

We went back to the Abbassi Restaurant, the place we went yesterday for coffee and got invited to another wedding (they were preparing the different spaces for it – a room with a white covered table with lots of flowers and white chairs where bride and groom sit all the time, a room for the women to have the party and a room for the men to have the party. It goes without saying that sexes never mix, not even for a wedding celebration) and this time had lunch (guess what?) with eggplants and cheese.

The bazaar in Kashan has no real appeal to a tourist because…it is a real bazar! One long covered alley stuffed with any kind of shop you can imagine that serves the daily needs of the daily life: spices, bread, headscarves, stationery, toys, underwear. I liked the experience a lot; more than carpets, here you can buy the wool to make them yourself (if you wish). We bought pistachios, dates and some more dried fruits.

After a little survey, that mainly involved me, Sam and Gilles, we figured out that we had only had eggplant everyday of this trip and decided to venture “far” following the receptionist’s tip and a mirage of a “modern restaurant”.

The restaurant was ugly and a bit anonymous I guess, but, together with kebab an eggplant dishes, they had pizzas, burgers and vegetable noodles, of the Chinese type. Thats why it was “modern” then.

We had a fantastic time, and Iearnt a lot about Gilles travelling life once again.


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