Hoi An

The night bus experience can be a pleasant one if you don’t consider the state of the toilets you get to visit along the route, those couple of times that the driver makes a stop.

And I am afraid there is no train seat left and I will have to travel on a long long haul again to reach Ho Chi Min

The Hoi An I got to meet this morning was burning in the sun at approximately 40 degrees or so, and had no pity for me or the fifteen bus hours I just had.

The tet holidays (New Years) are not over, as I was hoping: there is in fact, a huge crowd of tourists, westerners and asians invading every corner of this pretty town. But if I am patient and look through the masses, I catch a glimpse of old pagodas, colonial buildings, colourful wooden blinds, oval and round lanterns and the river in between all of this. And I love it! Cafes, restaurants, cute little shops like in my beloved Luang Prabang and tailors too. If you need a shirt they can make you one in a day.


A few couples were being photographed by a professional for what looked like engagement photos and so I realised how romantic the city is once you switch on the lanterns. There is no more burning sun and the crowds are gone elsewhere.

Happy Valentine’s day! There is nothing greater than the feeling of being loved.




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