One dollah

Turns out there is one thing more dangerously extravagant than motorbiking in Hoi An, and it is cycling in Hoi An.

The smiley Vietnamese man just asked for one dollah and I was wondering why he didn’t want a deposit or even to know my name or where I was lodging. I was full of wonder until I saw the rusty wreck, checked its brakes, tried its seat, noticed the missing bell…and the missing lights too.

It is definitely part of the adventure!

Went back for dinner at Morning Glory which is, for sure, the most delicious restaurant in town.

Went to a tailor shop in the old market and chose a Chinese silk for my Chinese shirt, they took my measurements and it will be ready tomorrow. I didn’t hold my breath, I hope it will fit me fine.

Went to a shoe maker and picked a pair of very colourful sandals, I had to stand on two sheets of A4 paper while the woman drew the outline of my feet. It made me smile, it felt like a childhood memory and a game from a distant past. I loved that I never needed to say I was a thirty-seven/thirty-eight.



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