Villa de Leyva, the pretty town

Broke the rule of not going back a second time to the same place, and went to Hostal Casu, again, for the best breakfast I had in weeks, then jumped into a taxi and went to the Terminal Salitre to get a van to Villa de Leyva.

A few means will take you to Villa, but vans are direct, while with the buses, you’ll have to switch in Tunja.
A decent ride by Flotta Valle de Tensa took 3 and half hours and the ticket came to 8$.
Villa de Leyva, is nothing less than the pictures: absolutely the prettiest.
The Plaza Mayor, or main square, is quite big and pictoresque, especially when you are standing on the far south end and looking at the church with the mountains backdrop.
All the little streets coming and going from the square have low pretty houses with white washed walls and terracotta roofs, some buildings might have columns or colonial facade, but all of them are very well kept. Some streets are so well kept, their sights reminded me of Hoi An, or Luang Prabang, two places I dearly loved (the latter more).
The city is a 500 years old and so so charming.
I had lunch at Savia, a bio restaurant in a stunning colonial house with a very big garden in the front full of flowers, bamboos and various plants. Food was simple but delicious and well priced.

Stopped at Sybarita Cafe for a ‘campesino’ coffee and then walked pretty much all the streets of town making mental notes of the shops I want to visit tomorrow, the food I want to try and the benches I wanna sit on with a drink in my hand. The amount of people out and about! And especially in the square having their drinks, it’s quite like le colonne di San Lorenzo in Milan. So joyful and lively, I’m in my summer mood!

Had my first Canelazo (a hot drink made of herbs and panela and aguardiente…)at Boca, a tiny bar on the south side of the square while sitting on the bench next to the entrance. That was memorable, the view more than the drink…


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