How to get to Salento from Villa de Leyva

Yesterday was a full day of travelling, which also translated into thinking time, podcast time, napping time.

Means on transportation taken in chronological order: bus, taxi, plane, bus.

Had breakfast at the hostel in Villa yesterday and then walked by the Astral Taller Pan artesanal to grab a couple of chocolate bread for the day.

The same bus that brought me to Villa from Bogota, did the reverse trip too, the company is called Flotta Valle de Tenza and they have yellow buses.

On the way back to Bogota, the bus can make an additional stop that’s closer to the airport and that’s where I got off and took a taxi to the domestic departures from there.

Following David’s advice (my airbnb host)I had booked a flight to Pereira and had abandoned the 9 hours bus idea…turned out to be a very good advice!

The Avianca flight was $50 even though I booked it only two days in advance and in less than 50 minutes, here I am landing in lush Pereira.

The taxi from Pereira airport to the bus terminal was smooth and a 20 minutes ride, once at the bus station, the company Alcala Express, the only one that goes to Salento, was pretty easy to spot. The bus was more like a small van, the ride an hour long but very very beautiful. Rolling green hills, palm trees, rainbows, cows, horses…




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