Exploring Bangkok

It is warm here but not so sticky as expected, wearing sandals, shorts and t-shirts is having the usual sweet therapeutic effect on my brain: releasing the good happiness substances. The curly hair come with the humidity but they add to the relaxed look so I get a lot of “you look so beautiful” from family and friends while I really know that its the happiness effect.
The reclining Buddha, in the complex of Wat Pho is extraordinary, its is indeed very long with his own forty-six meters and is  resting in a building just a little bigger that his size. It does give you the impression that he wants to come to life, stretch his arms, break the roof and go for a walk around town.
Carletto gave me the twenty Baht that buy you a big bunch of small coins, then you go drop one into each of the 108 bronze bowls that stand just behind the Buddha, in pursuit of good luck.
Wat Pho has many beautiful Stupa, (these conic towers that usually keep monks remains) made of shiny colourful tiles.
The lady-only bus I wanted to take tomorrow for my overnight trip to Chiang Mai is full so I am taking a mixed bus. The woman at the counter shows me that for every seat she has sold already, she keeps track of the passenger gender – I go for 9D, next to another girl.
The bus company is BangkokBus Lines and my ticket is 500 baths, the equivalent of 13 euros. (Note for the posters – don’t book seats on the back of the bus, the roads are too bad).
We go for Dim Sum tonight at this Hong Kong chain restaurant that is pretty good and called TimHoWan, in one of the thousands malls Bangkok has.
It  extraordinary the number of fine dining present in the shopping center – I understand the need for some AC confort but I find it very hard to like it. What is the appeal of eating in a shopping mall all the time? I don’t hate shopping mall but believe they should serve the purpose of having you shopping clothes and accessorises, maybe feed you snacks between shopping sessions, but not fine dining.
Oh well. I guess you don’t have much choice if you live in Bangkok? I guess.
But the place we have been for lunch, across the the river from the Temple of Dawn was very beautiful. Eat Side Story is called, and I wish, one day, I will go with the sunset.

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