Floating (markets)

I have dragged Carletto to Amphaowa today to see the floating market.
It took us some walking, a metro, a minivan (like those marshrutka of my Russian days!), and a bus with an open back (where we had to stand- I loved it) to get there, so something like 2 and a half hours from Bangkok. And it was totally worth it.
The boats selling food on the river were way less that I had wished for but for 50 baht we took a river tour that brought us around villages that live at the edge of the shore in real stilt houses.
The boat itself was a wooden super-thin and very low and it was my first time sitting in something like that.
We were really close to the brown water (made me think of my most feared animal -cannot say it out loud) and navigated from one temple to another passing mangroves, wild river vegetation, beautiful houses and ugly ones.
Coming back from Amphora to Bangkok, is very long – I had to rush to the bus terminal via Mo Chit BTS station + taxi.
I made it in time to raid the 7/11 for some junk food – you know the things you do when no one is watching sort of things. I got myself chocolate milk and two sweet buns and that is going to be my dinner. And I am not going to brush my teeth afterwards. (Where would I ?)

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