Around Chiang Mai

My home in Chiang Mai is called Banilah and it is a lovely guesthouse with a cat cafe.

The reception, indeed, has a dozen of sleepy cats laying around and it is run by three lovely women.

The lady manager of this place is mildly obsessed with maps and handed me one where she marked hundreds of places, all of them classified by colours: green for restaurant, pink for market, blue for temple and so on..

The streets below the guesthouse are busy and earplugs are needed but seeing the room where I will stay made me so happy! It is just the right size, has a mosquito net that is wrapping my bed and a little desk where my laptop and snacks fit perfectly.
Me and Di went to Thunin market for breakfast and found it very local, plenty of street vendors and noodles, morning glory and fruit juices.
Two more things I love here are the thai tea, which is made with a blend of teas and a hint of milk and the tamarind prawns. Yum!
Nimman Road is the most western street in town, we went to try on dresses and looking at the windows, they have hipsters cafeterias, modern looking bookstores and designer clothing shops. Quite unexpected but enjoyable.
I bumped into this lovely garden that belongs to the Fern Forest Cafe, and had great spinach roti.

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