Bangkok- Chiang Mai

The bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai might cross beautiful scenery (you wouldn’t be able to tell if you are travelling by night) but the roads are bumpy, VERY bumpy.
Turns out you don’t need more than ten hours to reach Chiang Mai, and even if the bus station looks empty, there will always be a tuk tuk that finds you, right when you need it.
I arrived in front of Di’s room at 6.30 and had to wake her up, but I think we were both quite happy to see each other after many months.
The idea of going for High Tea at the fancy Four Seasons Resort -up in the hills- was hers, but I am so glad we went.
The glorious entrance frames a stunning terrace with tables and umbrellas and people who put some effort into dressing up. Down from this level, there are many pretty buildings with luxury suites, rice fields and a lake in the middle with lush vegetation all around.
The buffet that came with the drink was abundant and delicious and totally worth the 20 dollars (each) we paid. We wondered around the property freely and took lots of pictures of ourselves.
It is the year 2559 in Thailand, (and you thought 2016 was a scary number!) and I finally tried mango sticky rice. I love it.

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