HCMC, Ho Chi Minh, Saigon

When in Ho Chi Minh, don’t be fooled by the landmark building that has the sky bar!

Ho Chi Minh is a very vietnamese city. You might have noticed the sidewalks, but they are not for you! They are for the scooters to avoid the scooter heavy traffic of the rush hours. No kidding.

One thing I should admit is that there are traffic lights and when working, people use them to stop and to cross the street, I was moved when I saw it!

Today I hang out with Tamara, my Hungarian friend from Hanoi and went to the War Remnants museum where there is a lot to learn about the French colonialism, the US war against Communism and the horror of the chemical weapons.

A large section of the room at the second floor is dedicated to the reporters of the war, who were travelling to the most unhappy places for the sake of journalism. I used to love the Robert Capa pictures. The action and the faces of the US soldiers are so intense that they made me forget what was just a meter away from the frame, the photographer, himself.

What I learnt today is that Capa was somewhere with his assistant and bored, announced the will to go for a wander. He died by stepping on landmine a few minutes later. And he wasn’t the only reporter to die during the Vietnam war, of course.

We also saw a big poster of the Napalm girl picture by Nick Ut, but this time, after all the info and the other photos, the picture was unbearable.

Went to lunch to Propaganda today, which is a classy hip restaurant in the city but didn’t like the Pho Bo.

I guess the soup is better in dirty places.


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