Me in Cambodia


Until yesterday I couldn’t even spell Phnom Penh correctly and now, look at me!

I just wrote it exactly as it is supposed to be – Phnom Penh, you pretty.

I know people say you are full of petty crime, bag snatchers and scammers but I will be careful, especially when walking the riverside.

The bus route from the border town of Bavet was a joy for my eyes, for the usual village life you get to witness through the window. It keeps me from sleeping, every time!

My tuktuk couldn’t find my homestay as it was very well hidden. I honestly though that house 51 street 21 was not a real address… On top of that, we almost had to walk into peoples houses to get into these tiny mazy streets! We definitely stepped on a couple of pots and a few house tools…

So the street were I live looks so local that I might be afraid to walk back alone at night. Don’t get me wrong, I love local, but when you live in a street with no lights and there are other peoples dogs and no one speaks your language… well, I guess it makes me a little nervous.

I met up with Clo after three or four years, we couldn’t remember, and it was a great joyful reunion! We went to this lovely place called Lemon Tree for tapas and wine, continued to a pizza place called Piccola Italia Da Luigi and finished with a night cap at the Red Bar.

Turns out, this lovely neighborhood is only a ten minutes walk from where I am staying.



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