Angkor Wat and its brother temples

A few steps after the ticket booth at Angkor Wat area and I realised that all the cash I had with me was three US dollars.

Then how do you survive ten hours of sightseeing with enough hydration and minerals under the boiling Cambodian sun?

I managed to buy 2 litres of water, a whole coconut, two bananas and a whole pineapple.

Not bad what you get around here for a few bucks, uh?

I rented another one dollah bike which had working brakes this time, and cycled my way around the main temples: Angkor Wat which is immense, Ta Prohm, the one with the giant roots biting into the walls (which we all know) and the Bayon that has over two hundred faces carved in their rocks.

Cycling was definitely tiring and definitely worth it, as I felt like I owned the site (well, the farthest temple is 40 kms away) and going through the old temple gates with your own vehicle makes it both heroic and memorable.


There are a few monkeys here and there but the thick vegetation makes you guess there is more of the unknown, other animals, inaccessible temples and new paths, but I don’t think you are allowed to venture. And I didn’t, I am not known by the lion heart nickname.

All this sightseeing put me in a wonderful mood and I slowly cycled my way back to the city and to this cute little riverside cafe, Sister Srey Cafe and had a fast lunch. Fast as in the record time I consumed my juice, my bread  with spinach and eggs and my cheesecake.

I was very hungry!

The night market around here is not great but you can fight for a couple of bargains, mostly bags and t-shirts.

Pub street that everyone talks abut, looks so trashy to me! Very loud music, too many flashy lights…almost like a Naha city sort of theme. So why does everyone talk about it?


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