I <3 tuk tuks

…since my early times in India, to my first days in Laos or in Vietnam, and here in Cambodia; I love jumping on one and looking out from the comfort of a proper seat, yet still feeling the wind of a motorbike.

Tuk tuks are different in every country, and I hold proof of that in the many photos I took.

The ones here are basically carriages attached to simple motorbikes and you can pretend you’re a princess when you are riding one: armrests and carefully chosen upholstery, only the horse is missing.

I have been a princess for half a day today, as my hostel guy took me to a few more temples of the Angkor Wat area starting from the distant Banteay Srei, also known as lady temple. Great setting with lotus ponds and rice fields, and a wonderful ride through the villages and my favourite houses on stilts to reach it.

Possibly the temple I liked the most today was the Ta Som, with the tallest cotton trees and those majestic and powerful roots pushing the puzzling temple pieces apart.

I usually prefer the temples with the most green and pink on the walls. To me, these mesmerizing colors show how the walls have been swept, over time, by grass, rain, wind. They all wanted to leave their mark and they succeeded!

Had a purple fruit outside the temple which they call milk fruit and I loved it! It’s as sweet as the dragon fruit and has these sacks that taste like kaki, when is not ripe yet and you bite into it rather than scooping it up.

Took a fifty cent motorbike ride into town with a man who was definitely definitely wearing too much perfume, and went to the hive cafe for eggs and bacon (again!).

Got a few deals at the Old Market, as I have been sharpening my bargaining skills in these weeks of South East Asia, and had two ice creams (gelato lab shop is a winner!) and two papaya juices in a five hour period.

The papaya vitamin, especially, is something I need to stock up on before I return to winter.




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